Blessings Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my corner of the Internet.

Are you overwhelmed with life’s challenges, changes and decisions?  Are you unsure of how to move forward?  Is everyday life blurred and are you looking for clarity?  Are you in need of general guidance?  Have you always wanted a Reading but the thought of putting on pants and leaving the house is too unappealing?

I am a Gypsy Soul/Psychic Advisor living the Full-Time RV Life.

Please present me the opportunity to guide you through matters of Finances, Career, Health, Anxiety, Love, Relationships, Destiny, and Future Forecasting.

I can entrust you with tools to face life’s toughest challenges, renew your purpose, and empower your state of being.

Let’s do an evaluation of your life path so you can create joy out of chaos.

My Gifts of mysticism and intuition are inherited from centuries of Ancestors.

I utilize a variety of Divination modalities to work with you and for you:

  • Communication with Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Kindred Spirits who have passed over
  • Divine Connection with the Divine in the Universe
  • Interpretation of Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards
  • Crystal Casting and Crystal Ball Scrying
  • Chakra Wellness Therapy
  • Pendulum Pendling

*** In-Person Readings, House Blessings, Energy Clearing, and Crystal Healing sessions are available if I am in your direct area.

Together we will select which method suits your inquiries. It depends entirely on what suits your sitting, the type of answers you are searching for, what I feel is most useful, and/or your personal choice.  My Divination Session with you will deliver guidance and advice for action you need to participate in to bring clarity to your life.

I am accessible for these services via online arenas such as Skype, Facebook Video,  FaceTime, Phone, Email, or if I have traveled to your area, we can meet in person.

If we do choose to meet for a Divination session online, believe me. Online Readings Do Work!  I connect to your Energy. Energy does not know limits of distance or space. As well, I practice empathy techniques which allow me to bridge to your vivacity! Let’s exercise your Soul Spirit!


My fees are based on the amount of time we spend together.  I am providing you a service.  This is my livelihood so I may continue my journey of living on the road. I am here to serve as your Guide and emissary, providing you with information which will assist you to grow in life. It’s all about inspiring, healing, and comforting you. Giving you the Assurance and Affirmation you are seeking. What I deliver to you is a specified skill. I spend years and years educating myself, growing in Spirit, evolving, practicing,and gaining experience.


My Fees Are As Follows:


HALF HOUR SESSION:      $40.00

ONE HOUR SESSION:        $60.00


I do hope you and I can connect.


Leave me a message via my Contact page with any questions, inquiries, or to set up an appointment for a session!

Payment may be made via Paypal below or E-Transfer via Email Address


Thank you      Namaste   xox


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