Semi Daily Journal

I said when I turn 50 I would begin utilizing a Journal to write down moments and memories from our Journey.

And So Here It Is …

Saturday March 24, 2018

– Been an awfully long time since I wrote anything but with reason. We had little to no internet service since my last post.
– How was New Orleans? Nothing but epic. Amazing. Noteworthy. Magic. Breathtaking. A step into an exciting dimension. WoW.
– We were first camped at a free spot called Crawford Landing but due to internet issues we moved to St Bernard State Park Campground. Beautiful Place!
– I am having a very difficult time focusing on the adventures I did have there and the fun things I did. Sadly and VERY opposite of how I am, I am more aware of the things I didn’t take part in while in New Orleans. I’m going to list them merely because when I do venture there again … and you bet that I will … I can take part in these events next time I get there.
1) Mardi Gras
2) Watch and listen to Live Music
3) Take a Swamp Tour so I can experience seeing a real live Alligator
4) Riverboat tour on the Mississippi River on a paddlewheeler
5) Partake in Creole and Cajun food. Eat King Cake. Eat Jambalaya.
6) Tour the Plantations.
7) Learn and Experience more about New Orleans Voodoo
8) Attend a concert at Preservation Hall
9) Visit one of the million Daiquiri restaurants. Why there are so many I have no clue.
– Leaving New Orleans was difficult for me. I enjoyed everything about being there. People are friendly. They’re not just smiling, they’re laughing.
– Moved on from New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. Drove through Mississippi, Alabama, and now we are in Georgia.

Thursday March 15, 2018

– MOVING DAY! Packed up and said goodbye to Rutherford Beach
– Drove to our next destination close to New Orleans only to find that the campsite was fully under water. Blah!
– Found another – and better – camping spot on the other side of the big bridge.
– Our new yard is a grassy medium sized spot, FREE and it has Talking, Magical Trees! I am loving the greenery here.
– This spot is home to tons of beautiful song birds. Their singing has been a blissful lovely noise. So far we’ve seen Robins, Herons, Red Cardinals, plus a little bird that looked like a Walnut!
– The cool thing about this spot is that it is directly beside a Swamp Tour Area – Dr. Wagner’s Honey Island. Can’t wait to go on a Swamp Tour!
– Today it rained all day so we decided to make it a ‘catch up on work’ kind of day! That was okay.
– Had to leave this spot and move to somewhere else because internet went down. Why? Faulty Towers. HA!

Wednesday March 14, 2018

– Woke up just in time to share the sunrise outside with Lua.
– Did some catching up work on my website.
– Spent another day BEACH DAY enjoying everything there is to about this place.

Tuesday March 13, 2018

– BEACH DAY at our new yard – Rutherford Beach Louisiana! Spent the day strolling the Beach with the dog.
– Neither Wayne nor I have ever been to the State of Louisiana before. So Cool!
– Gathered seashells in the waves. Just wandered around our spot.

Monday March 12, 2018

– MOVING DAY! Packed up and said goodbye to Magnolia Beach
– Stopped by Pat and Tom’s RV to say a ‘Farewell and Hope To See You Later’
– Drove for 5.5 hours for our next destination.
– Landed in a State where neither Wayne nor I had ever been to. Hello, Louisiana!
– Half hour to our destination, one of the driver side tires blew on the trailer. Two Good Samaritan – Guardian Angels – stopped and assisted us. Amazing people. Gave us a good experience of how caring some people are in this World.
– Parked 6 Giant Steps from the Ocean Waves at Rutherford Beach, Louisiana. 30 miles away from the nearest WalMart and far away from the nearest town. Pretty remote place.

Sunday March 11, 2018

– Morning Meditation on the beach with Lua
– Went for a walk and met another fellow RV’er. We’re going to meet up with her when we reach Quebec. Very nice person!
– Did a Card Reading for our RV Motorhome Neighbour, Pat. Turns out she is the person who made the beautiful card for me for my Birthday and taped it to our stairs. She is a very Gorgeous person. I hope we can cross paths in the Future once again. Thank you for being YOU, Pat. I ADORE YOU.

Saturday March 10, 2018

– Morning Meditation inside with Lua, listening to the birds
– Beach Day
– Had to put up with a beach full of disrespectful people
– Welcome to weekends at free places

Friday March 9, 2018

– Morning Meditation on the beach with the dog
– Adventure exploration day for ME
– Spent 3 hours doing laundry at Laundrymat in Port Lavaca
– Checked out H.E.B grocery store to see what it’s like and bought a chicken salad sandwich for lunch
– Toured and sampled wines at Port Lavaca Bluffs Winery
– Purchased two bottles of wine – a white called ‘Two Step’ and a blush called ‘Sisters’ Mission’
– Visited “Gypsy Moon Metaphysics” shop on Main Street in Port Lavaca and had the honour and pleasure to meet a beautiful fellow witch named Diane. I have a new sister in the Magick Craft this woman is amazing!

Thursday March 8, 2018 – Magnolia Beach, Port Lavaca TX, USA

– Morning Meditation on the beach with the dog
– Saw a Turtle in the surf right in front of the house!
– Adventure exploration day for Wayne
– Spent the day with Lua on the beach
– Tidied and cleaned the house