Travel Journal

Travel journal of where we have been and where we are.


Middletown NY, USA

The truck began making an awful grinding and whining noise. Started off quiet and progressively became…


Oyster Point Campground – Newport NC, USA

I realize it’s not polite to complain … however … Enough With The Ticks Already! …


Elmwood Recreation Area – North Santee SC, USA

After a night spent at a Visitor Center on the border of Georgia and South Carolina,…


Allatoona Lake – Cartersville GA, USA

We crossed through quite a number of states to get to our new destination. The time had…


St. Bernard State Park – New Orleans LA, USA

After having to leave the Crawford Landing area, we found St. Bernard State Park. It is…


Crawford Landing – New Orleans LA, USA

Moving away from the ocean became the direction. It makes me melancholy. I enjoy the senses…


Rutherford Beach – Creole LA, USA

Love the Ocean so much we decided to continue our move East with yet another trip…


Magnolia Beach – Port Lavaca TX, USA

Photo Credit to the Incredibly talented Wayne Stadler Left one body of water for another….


Lake Amistad – Del Rio TX, USA

Left the State of Arizona and traveled through on our way East. New Mexico came and…


Whitewater Draw – McNeal AZ, USA

Left the rain and cloudiness to venture more aways East. Our goal was to visit Tombstone….