Tools of Divination

Tools of the trade which I utilize for my Craft.


Esbat Observance and Dedication

What is an Esbat? The definition for Esbat will differ from Witch to Witch. Which Witch is…


The Crow Moon – March 1st, 2018 Full Moon

I won’t be writing a bunch of journal posts about each month of Moon Esbats, just…


Wishing Stones Spell

*** Note : Before beginning any sort of spell, please be aware that spells are…


Moon Magick By The Month

Many Witches align themselves and their Magick with the phases of The Moon. There is a…


Moon Phases and Magick

The phases of the moon and the cycle it takes does significantly affect the dynamics of…


Drawing of Cards for 2018’s Imbolc Sabbat

I have chosen 3 separate decks to draw cards from for the Imbolc Sabbat frame of…