Posts about Pagan Holidays


Chinese New Year 2018 – Year of the Brown Earth Dog

After 2017 being the year of the blazing crazy Fire Rooster, it is with a calming…


IMBOLC – 2018’s Waning of Winter and Approaching of Spring

The warming of Mother Earth is here. She is stretching and beginning to feel closer…


YULE – 2017’s Winter Solstice

The Yule Sabbat is upon us. The Wheel of the Year has turned once more. Yule,…


SAMHAIN – 2017’s Third Harvest

On this day of Samhain, Halloween is celebrated. As well, Samhain is the time of the third…


MABON – 2017’s Second Harvest

Mabon is hands down my most favourite festive time of the seasons, and the best Sabbat…

photo by wayne stadler

LAMMAS – 2017’s First Harvest

Lammas is my third favourite Sabbat. This is the time when I celebrate the first harvest…