The Shire – New Horton, NB CANADA

Our first yard after landing in our home country of Canada. We were both quite anxious to get back. Where our money is worth its face value. Where if we need to receive medical care of any sort we can without paying ridiculous prices. A place to land that we call Home.

We stayed in a grassy lot with the suited nickname of ‘The Shire’. It is very much like its namesake from ‘The Lord Of The Rings. Middle Earth. Marsh at one end.

Didn’t see any Hobbits here though.

Did I mention this place is FREE to camp and stay? The owner Don lives right across the road. He has two sweet dogs named Sally and Hope. Lua became quite fond of Sally. They placed together quite a bit. It’s nice to see that my boy is sociable and so friendly to other dogs. He even played ball with Sally and let her play with the ball by herself for a spell.

While here we toured around the area. Visited two lighthouses. Anderson Hollow and Cape Enrage. Also we went to Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. This place is amazing! We couldn’t walk the beach because it was high tide and the water was at the steps. It’s not a safe place to be when the tide is right up. Plus it was cold and grey. Still a great place to tour and get some hiking in.

We also went to the town of Alma. Looks like a great place when it’s warmer and everything is open. Pretty quiet this time of year. Claim to fame in Alma is LOBSTER. There’s a marina with fishing boats and quite a few restaurants with lobster on the menu.

We also toured a covered bridge. Lovely.

This was most definitely a place to Rest and Recoup following days of driving.

I am quite enjoying being in such close proximity to the Ocean once again. Glad to be home.

Beautiful space to enjoy evening campfires.

Gathering place.

Buoy Oh Buoy Oh Buoy

Cause Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man, that he didn’t, didn’t already have …

This is Byron. The resident Pile of Dirt.

Yes. This Cemetery IS called Ha Ha Cemetery.

BLESSED to utilize this place and sacred space for my Beltane Ritual.


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