BELTANE – 2018’s Fertile Time of Spring

Beltane is the Celebration of all things Fertile, Naturalistic, Green, and filled with Abundance!

It is also given the name May Day. Dancing around the Maypole is a festive way to celebrate. Flowers everywhere! Wreaths worn on the head. Happiness, Prosperity, Growth.

Beltane is halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Rituals are performed to protect the cattle, keep safe crops and people, and for encouraging growth on all levels. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. Doors and windows are decorated with yellow flowers and greenery. One Ritual which I take part in is washing the face with the morning dew on Beltane. It is for beauty plus promoting and keeping a youthful appearance.

Beltane is a Spring time festival filled with positivity and optimism during which promotes fertility and connects to the further warming of the Earth.

Bonfires are the key part of Beltane. People would take torches from the bonfire and use that fire to light the hearths in their homes. In addition to fire having protective powers, it was also meant to burn up and destroy any negative influences.

For me, Beltane promotes Passion. This of course goes along with Fertility. Growth. Abundance. Mass Production. This is when the Earth really begins to heat up. Forward momentum and pushing vibrant motion. Whirlwind. Fast moving. Motivation and Swift.

Everything Green and Greening Up.

I was very Lucky and Blessed to spend Beltane at a Magical place called The Shire in New Brunswick. A grassy yard full of wonder and really good energy. I built a small but perfect bonfire in the fire pit, placing my mixture of Beltane Herbs into the fire at the four element corners. Saying words of Gratefulness and Gratitude to my Ancestors and Guides. Appreciating the opportunity to see another Turn of the Wheel.

The image is a photo I took of my Ritual Space.


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