May 2018 – The Goddess Flora


As the old adage goes, this happens, this happens, and THIS Happens! Flowers! YaY!

This rhyme is why I have chosen Flora for May’s Goddess of the Month.

Magic happens to the Earth when life warms up and colour returns. Blissful feeling. How flowers go from bud to bloom is a fascinating experience to watch and behold with wonder.

Flora is in the Maiden stage of the Triple Goddess representation.

Along with Spring being a new fresh season for me, I have always marveled by the color and splendor of flowers. Everything which comes along with them. The scent too! Coming from a place where fruit is grown, I’ve experienced flower blossoms turn to fruit. Beautiful. My Grandmother and I would spend lots of time tending to her gardens and her flower beds. Our favourite flowers were Pansies. A cherished memory I have of time spent with her. Flowers will always bring me back to time spent with her.

Flora is the Roman Goddess of Nature. Flowers. Fertility. Growth. Youth. Springtime. She has her own festival, the Floralia, which was held between April 28 and May 3 and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life and flowers. She is the Goddess of ALL flowering plants, especially those which bear fruit from blossom to fruit. Goddess for celebrating life and new life.

Colors: Difficult to pin down to specifics. All colors of flowers are her colours.
Herbs: All flowering herbs.
Crystals: How about all of them? 🙂
Element: Earth

*** Goddess Flora does not go with specifics. Much too diverse for that. 🙂

To bring blossoms of magic colors to any dark day. Allow her to shower you in blossoms and gorgeousness. Think of your favourite flower and picture it in your mind. Let that thought bring you smiles and peace to your soul. Walk through a botanical or someone’s enchanted garden. Shed much negativity, as flowers can only bring positive feelings. Call on the Goddess Flora to help you tend to your flowers, orchards, and gardens. Connect with Flora by spending time outside in the early spring sunshine. Appreciate the warmth of the sun, the scent of the flowers through the breezes, and the beauty surrounding you. Place fresh flowers in your home. Create a pretty floral crown. Open your windows. Re-kindle the joy which was dormant all through the winter season. It’s time for spring. Call upon her for your garden to grow and flourish with ultimate abundance. Flora is able to help you make a beautiful garden. She’ll protect it from any harm and keep your flowers looking healthy and well.

– Flora is prominent in the neo-pagan revival
– The Goddess for May Day and Beltane Celebrations on May 1.
– Flora protects the vegatation from diseases and rotting.
– Her powers are the reason why flowers grow and blossom.
– A function she has is to make grain, vegetables, and cultivate the tress so bloom so that the Autumn’s harvest will be abundant.
– She teaches us to enjoy the pleasures of the moment and the promises for the future.
– Honey – made from flowers – is one of Flora’s gifts to us.
– Offerings of floral waters, floral perfumes all remind us of her.
– Flora gave Juno a magic flower that when a woman touches it she becomes pregnant and that would help her conceive a baby on her own with no man’s help.
From this virgin-birth, the god Mars was born.

These are my favourite aspects for this amazing Goddess Flora.

She will lead you down a garden path to appreciate the beauty and wonder which we are blessed with on this Earth. She is there to help you conceive new ideas and plans. She will encourage everything to blossom for you. She is the Goddess who will encourage you to enjoy all of the hard work you put into making something happen. This Goddess is a Prosperous Goddess!

Goddess Flora will show you a world filled with beauty, fun, and adventure. Grow and Blossom yourself along with her and the environment.

Give yourself the room to grow.


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