Middletown NY, USA

The truck began making an awful grinding and whining noise. Started off quiet and progressively became louder. And louder.

During a stop for gas at the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border we made the conscious decision to find a mechanic shop to diagnose the situation. Wayne opted for an Aamco Transmissions service shop half hour down the highway in a town named Middletown.

By the time we pulled in we were limping. The sound by this time was obnoxious. We were both severely drained and stressed. Wayne went in to discuss the issue while I waited with Lua.

Upon his return Wayne and I discussed the options. The owner of this shop – Brian – exclaimed that parts would need to be ordered and they were swamped with work. Due to shipping of parts and their workload it would be a few days before they could fit us in. We felt stranded.


Brian. WoW. Class Act. He told Wayne. If we would like them to do the work, we could unhitch our fifth wheel and camp in the parking lot at his shop!!! Our Gratitude abound! What can I say? So accommodating. Not only that. Over 100 reviews of the shop and each one 5 stars. No holds. No messing around. Each step in repairs was discussed and spoken about. Everything was thorough.

It wasn’t a bad place to be staying and we were not stranded in any way shape or form. Historic Downtown Lowell was blocks up the hill. It was incredibly quiet during the week. Close to being a ghost town. But it was gorgeous. A great place to stroll. Luckily for us there was a grocery store across the street from the shop and a pharmacy 2 blocks down the road. Everything we needed within walking distance.

Best part – we found parks to play ball with Lua in. He wasn’t without exercise, that’s for certain.

So …… Wayne Gave Me A Ring !!! And …… A Pinion !!! The differential blew out. There was a leaking of oil from the casing, causing the gears to wear each other out. The bearings were replaced too.

Here is the interesting part. Middletown NY was not a place we would have EVER put on our itinerary of places to visit, see, or explore. But we did get to see what the town was all about. Perhaps not under the best circumstances, but it was a very cool, quaint place to tour around.

Truck fixed and running smoothly, we were back on the road to our next destination.


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