Oyster Point Campground – Newport NC, USA

I realize it’s not polite to complain … however … Enough With The Ticks Already! This honestly Killed the mood at this quaint sweet campground! The heebie jeebies prompted us not to want to sit outside in the gorgeous little yard the campsite came with. It was hide in the trailer. Of course the weather hampered any ideas to sit outside along with the buggers.

We did manage to do some sight-seeing. A nice visit to Fort Macon which was an old civil war post. Right on the ocean.

This is where I experienced my first toe dipping and view of the Atlantic Ocean. Breathtaking and exciting.

I also took Lua on an adventure day. Together we visited Atlantic Beach, Harkers Island, Fort Macon, Emerald Isle, and Radio Island. Beach Beach and more Beach! YES! Lua loved walking the ocean with me.

There wasn’t much else in the area which we discovered.

We ended up driving through Myrtle Beach to get here during a rainstorm. To me it came across as a teen and family oriented area. Filled with mini golf and mini adventure places – I wasn’t keen on all of the fake waterfalls with coloured water flowing down from them – and commercialized areas. Even if the weather was nice I doubt it would have been in our priorities of places of interest. Pretty sure we would have still driven straight on through.

I dislike being a Debbie Downer, but both the Carolina’s were not my cup of tea. Not in the slightest. I don’t get what the draw is of these places.

Can’t see another visit out this way in the future.


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