Elmwood Recreation Area – North Santee SC, USA

After a night spent at a Visitor Center on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, we made our way further into the state. South Carolina is yet another state which Wayne nor I have ever been to before.

Our new yard was at Elmwood Recreation Area – a FREE place to camp in a Hunting Staging area. Quite primitive and cozy. We had a blessed little yard all to ourselves. There was one major drawback to this space. Infested with Ticks. Ich Blech. We had some in the house and it was creepy and gave us the heebie jeebie. Luckily Kahlua is and had been treated previous so thankfully he wasn’t bitten. We believe the nasties came in the house on our clothes. No clue. Sometimes free can have drawbacks. The weather wasn’t the most greatest either.

The goal for visiting this area of SC was to visit Edisto Beach so Wayne could take pictures of the boneyard trees there. Our first attempt – a 2 hour drive from Elmwood to even get to the beach – proved fruitless due to the ridiculous unfathomable rules for the place. No dogs no picking up of shells and more. We wanted it to be a family day for the 3 of us and it didn’t turn out to be so. Needless to say we drove the 2 hours straight back home. In such case Wayne just went on an adventure there himself a few days later. SC definitely dropped the ball in our opinion.

We did have a great time exploring Santee Coastal Reserve. The place has nature trails to hike. We did two trails. A Orange Marker Marshland Trail and a Purple Marker Eldorado Trail. The Marshland Trail walked through marshes and I FINALLY SAW ALLIGATORS! It was a cool experience. One which we didn’t see beforehand SPLASHED directly beside Wayne as he walked by. Scared him senseless! There were quite a few sunning themselves through the reeds. The Eldorado Trail had ruins of a plantation home. That is what is in the intro picture above. It was a great area to discover.

Another tour we took was the Hampton Plantation Home Tour. This was a perfect day as well. They allow dogs and their responsible owners on this place! It was great to having Lua with us. He had a great walk. Plantations in this area were for cultivation of rice. Rice fields are not around anymore due to the labour to expedite the service. It’s not fruitful anymore.

As much as I was sad to not go with Wayne to see the trees in the ocean, the principle stands. In my opinion, it isn’t right to restrict people from exploring Nature and all it has to offer. My opinion is that they should seriously re-examine their rules. Seashells are always replenished by the ocean. Dogs should be allowed on the beach because on leashes people can watch them. Responsible owners pick up poop. Nevertheless. I will get off my soap box.

That was pretty much it for this area. Not much to do and this place was quite aways from a town. At least an hour drive.

I was pretty pissed that I got THIS CLOSE to the Atlantic Ocean – for the very first time ever – and didn’t get to see it or dance in it or explore it. With that, I wait and surely will experience it soon!

Probably not an area where I would come back to. However, every experience is something new to experience.


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