Allatoona Lake – Cartersville GA, USA

We crossed through quite a number of states to get to our new destination.

The time had come to begin our trek North to the direction of Home in Canada. To commence this part of the journey was to leave Louisiana and drive through the following states; Mississippi, Alabama, and into Georgia. Quite an experience! These are all new states that I haven’t been in before. Wayne was in Alabama on a road trip with his dad many years back.

Our new yard in Cartersville was breathtaking. We were situated on a little inlet of Allatoona Lake in a beautiful campground. We had the entire shore to ourself! This place was perfect. Lua took himself swimming very often. It was great for him. The birds. Ohhhh the birds! They were a chorus not just in the morning but all day through! I had a spectacular ‘office’ to work from each day. The picnic table overlooked our inlet and it was inspiring to work there each day… writing and just breathing.

Our purpose of being in this part of Georgia was for Wayne to experience Old Car City USA. It is acres and acres of ‘junkyard’ cars entwined with trees and all sorts of foliage. Being the Rustographer which he is, this place was his Disneyland! He took about 4000 pictures! I am excited to see what gorgeousness photos come from his 5 days of exploring the place!

The campground wasn’t a bad place for me and Lua to spend the time while Wayne was away with the truck. It was actually a nice break away from each other for Wayne and I as well. Living in 26 feet together can be awfully close quarters and you can wear on each other. Makes it pretty sweet to have a fifth wheel trailer and pickup so that we can get out of each other’s hair periodically.

I did get the chance to have a day trip with Lua to explore and visit some of the little towns in the area; Rome, Woodstock, and Cartersville. Very sweet places. WoW are the people every nice and friendly in Georgia!

Not sure if we will ever visit Georgia again in our travels, but I am certainly glad we got to be there.


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