Blue Moon – March 31, 2018

Tonight is the celebration of the Blue Full Moon of March 2018.

I had full and complete intentions of putting together and performing the biggest and baddest Ritual I could come up with. I got out my box of herbs to make a mixture to burn, shuffled through which candle colours to set up, piece this up and piece that up, I was raring to go!

Then the day began. Wayne asked if I would like to join him on his big photo excursion, which sounded like fun but it isn’t a dog-friendly place and I didn’t want to leave Lua at home alone. He’s really good on his own but today didn’t feel like the right energy and I didn’t want him to be all alone at home by himself. So Lua and I dropped Wayne off and we had our own little Adventure Day.

It began with a stroll through Rome. Rome Georgia USA. Then we explored 2 other towns. It was fun cuddling him at all the red lights. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted the passenger seat or his own seat in the back behind me. Either was great as long as the window was half way down for him to smell the air.

After the exploration time of the towns we went on a hike at Red Top Mountain State Park. It was cool. I will admit here that there are times on some inclines that I do rely on his mighty power to give me a surge of energy and a help up.

The day went pretty fast. As per usual it was fun. Lua is the greatest companion I have ever known. Don’t worry. Wayne knows that. Wayne understands the beautiful relationship Lua and I share. Wayne has a pretty sweet friendship with Lua too.

Then it was time to return to the place where we dropped Wayne off, to pick up Wayne. Then it was zmog zmog zmog Captain D’s Restaurant where we picked up two to-go dinner boxes. Southern style Flounder Fish. First time trying Flounder and it is yummy. After dinner it was beers together wearing cowboy hats to shade our eyes while watching the sunset. Then it was waiting for the moon to rise.

So. Back to the Ritual planning. I found it comforting and well wished to spend the day with my family instead of spending part of the day putting together a big pomp and circumstance for a Ritual.

Earlier this week I had a visit/visit from my Guides, aiding me to choose the Triple Moon Goddesses which would be there during my Ritual and would be around me to guide and empower me for this moon today and who all would follow along with me through the whole moon cycle into the direction until the New Moon. Blue Moon has multiple times more power. So do the Moon Goddesses which were named to be here for me and support me.

Maiden Goddess Form – Artemis – Greek Moon Goddess

Mother Goddess Form – Ishtar – Sumerian Moon Goddess

Crone Goddess Form – The Morrigan – Celtic Moon Goddess

I know, right? These three ladies are Nothing But Fierce! It would appear things are broiling around me which set these ladies into my sights to Protect and Support and Surround me. Well I say Bring It and Thank You Ladies! I’ll write another post at a later date to introduce these Ladies so you also can see what a powerhouse they are as a trio!

At the time of March 31 2018 Blue Moon we situated at Bartow Beach Gatewood Campground near Cartersville Georgia located on Allatoona Lake. Lots of traffic in the forms of cars and peoples. I took a walk where I felt comfortable to perform my Ritual. Away from the blinding orange and white lights of road and parking lot. To a space on an angle between the road and the lake. Where the moon’s rays filtered through the tops of the Georgia Pine Trees and White Oak Trees. I found the most RAD table and chair. A large round cut of a tree and a wedge cut of a tree. How cool is that? To represent the Goddesses, I placed 3 blue tealights onto the table top. I didn’t light them because of the certainty that I would attract attention, I just placed the candles there so they could attract powerful energy for when I could light them later. I also brought out the crystals which I put together from when I did the spell for my birthday wishes. Bathed the crystals in the moonlight to cleanse them from their still active duty. Left them outside for most effective work. What a surge of greatness! Smudged myself with sage and brought in the brilliant cleansing moonrays. That’s it. Powerful enough. I didn’t prepare an herb mixture for burning or keeping, yet I did make a recipe. I’ll use that for the next Blue Moon which is May 18, 2019. I’ll write it down in my Grimoire and save it for later.

I receive a whole lot of Blessings for my life which I am entirely and incredibly Grateful for. My life is filled with appreciation, glory, and all things positive and wonderful. And of course don’t forget Amazing. The Full Moon Ritual is to show Gratitude to the Universe for all I have been given, plus to Thank those who have walked the path before me.

Another part of tonight’s ritual was the ‘give and take’ mode. I gave the Moon everything which no longer serves me. Bad feelings. Negative emotions. Anxiety. Impatience. Thoughts and stuff that aren’t for my greater good and are nothing but toxic for my well-being. Imperfections which no longer serve me. Purged it all out. In turn I took loving, healing, thought-provoking energy from the Moon. It came into my Crown Chakra from the round full beautiful Moon. Here the energy will stay until I have the opportunity to share it with others.

Simple yet affective Blue Full Moon Ritual. I thanked all the Ancestors and those who had walked the path before me. I Gave Blessings and Thoughtful Wishes for the people I know and love to the Moon so that the Moon could shine down in the form of moonrays those blessings to those people. I Asked for healing thoughts and well wishes for friends and people who need the extra boost to come their way. I Asked for the Wishes which I put out on my Birthday (Manifesting into Fruition has not happened as of yet but I am completely sure, and I will remain Patient until they do) to please happen for me.

The Ritual was super short and super quick because the last thing I ever want to do is draw attention to my Craft. This campground is packed with people and I didn’t want to be ‘noticed’. I don’t mind people asking questions when they want to but when I am Ritual mode I prefer to give the event my utmost concentration for best results.

Sometimes what we intend to happen doesn’t get there. It doesn’t make anything less effective for momentous results. As long as there isn’t Anxiety because every single wanted detail wasn’t followed, what could be wrong? Absolutely nothing. Everything for my Ritual was simply Epic full of wondrous Energy.

Mission Accomplished. Words sent up to the Universe. Grace and Ease for myself and everyone around me who requires support and love. And above all else. We all matter. You matter.

Blue Full Moon Blessings to each and everyone. Namaste xox


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