St. Bernard State Park – New Orleans LA, USA

After having to leave the Crawford Landing area, we found St. Bernard State Park. It is half hour drive to the French Quarter. Before I get into anything else, I would like to say a very special ‘shout out’ to the beautiful sweet kind wonderful loving woman who works in the Park Station at St. Bernard Campground. I Love You Ginger! She is a very sweet woman and very helpful. Knows the area and knows a ton of history of New Orleans. She is perfectly suited to her position. I like meeting people on my adventure and I am Grateful to have made Ginger’s acquaintance. Lua says “Hi Ginger!”

St. Bernard Campground is a nice leisurely drive to places surrounding. There is also a ferry just down the road which crosses the Mississippi River. This takes you to a whole other area.

So much to see and so much to do in New Orleans. Lots of areas to explore and investigate.

What did I get up to?

Spent a day experiencing the French Quarter. I visited every Witchy and Voodoo shop I could find. It was so interesting I’ve began the study of New Orleans HooDoo and VooDoo. It’s very fascinating to me! I have no idea why but I’ve always been a perpetual student of things.

I sampled a tiny bit of Louisiana Cuisine. Crayfish. Beignets. Po-Boys. I Didn’t try Creole, Cajun, Alligator. Jambalaya. Next time.

I am having a very difficult time focusing on the adventures I did have there and the fun things that I did. Sadly and VERY opposite of how I normally am, I am more aware of the things I didn’t take part in while in New Orleans. I’m going to list them merely because when I do venture there again … and you bet that I will … I can take part in these events next time I get there.

These are the things which I sadly missed out on. 🙁

1) Mardi Gras
2) Watch and listen to Live Music
3) Take a Swamp Tour so I can experience seeing a real live Alligator
4) Riverboat tour on the Mississippi River on a paddlewheeler
5) Partake in Creole and Cajun food. Eat King Cake. Eat Jambalaya.
6) Tour the Plantations.
7) Learn and Experience more about New Orleans Voodoo
8) Attend a concert at Preservation Hall
9) Visit one of the million Daiquiri restaurants. Why there are so many I have no clue.

I fell in LOVE with Louisiana. A big part of me I left behind there. It felt like home. Contrary to what I have heard about safety, I felt safe in each area I visited. Everywhere I went and every way I turned. For me it was a friendly lovely place.

I am anxious to travel back there one day.

THANK YOU sincerely New Orleans Louisiana for everything.


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