Crawford Landing – New Orleans LA, USA

Moving away from the ocean became the direction. It makes me melancholy. I enjoy the senses of the tidal waters and the strength they provide. Cleansing. Sigh.

On to bigger things. Very big and exciting things. Welcome to New Orleans Louisiana!

We found a beautiful place to claim as our yard. It had talking trees! Just adjacent to the parking lot for Dr. Wagner’s Honey Island Swamp Tours there is a fairly large open grassy area. In hunting season this area is where hunters stage for their recreation. When it’s not used for that it is considered a Free Camping Spot.

This area was LOADED with Birds! Red Cardinals. Doves. Many different kinds! Mornings were Bliss to listen to them as they sang the Sun awake each new day. The cutest ones were the sweeties who would land on the truck tire every morning right outside my kitchen window while I made Wayne’s coffee. They were teeny brown and white Carolina Wrens. Wayne nicknamed them ‘little walnuts’ because that’s what they looked like.

Lua Loved this new yard. He was excited to have grass to prance around on and loads of open area to run. He did just that. We did have to hunker down a few days while in this spot because all it did was rain for 3 days straight. Ah, the Joys of Spring.

Also while here, Lua came up with a festering spot on his chest. It became inflamed and red and very swollen. Since he is a member of the family, we naturally took him to a Veterinarian. We took him to the Gause Boulevard veterinarian in Sidell which is a community close to New Orleans and where we were staying. The Doctor who cared for Lua was Dr. Wayne Blust. He was thorough, took his time, and treated Lua with much TLC. It ended up being a costly visit, but absolutely necessary. He took some slides to send away for diagnosis. True to his word, he called us back 4 days later with the results. Sadly the slides were inclusive, however, there was also no indication of abnormal growth or anything severe as such. Thank Goodness!

One evening while Wayne was working, the internet suddenly crapped out without warning. Everything just completely shut down. The next day Wayne spoke to one of the Rangers who was driving round. The Ranger said that the entire area was experiencing internet problems. The Issue? Faulty Towers. HA! Since internet is required and necessary for Wayne to get his work done, sadly, we had to leave Crawford Landing. We moved closer to the area of the French Quarter, New Orleans.

The worst part of leaving was that I never got to experience a Swamp Tour. I wanted to see Alligator in the wild. Just not meant to be. When I get back to the New Orleans area for another adventure of that magic place, that is on my list of wonders to experience.


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