December 2017 – The Goddess Cerridwen

Since December is in the time of YULE as the Wheel of the Year goes, I’d like to feature the Goddess Cerridwen.

Cerridwen is in the Crone stage of the Triple Goddess representation.


This picture I took during one of my Rituals. No specific reason for the ritual, I just felt it a necessity that day to do one.

I am convinced the Entity in the smoke from the herb mixture I created and lit in the cauldron, is Cerridwen.

Cerridwen became the Goddess which protects me, once I entered the Crone Stage of life. She would bring me guiding messages and align me where I needed balance. The oddest communication came one day while I was driving home from work. “Go back to your roots” she demanded. Perplexed, I asked questions. I had been a blonde for 10 years. Cerridwen was nudging that I needed to go back to being a brunette. I compromised and became a redhead. She was pleased.

Instead of being nervous and apprehensive about becoming ‘older and wiser’, Cerridwen enables me to feel okay, comfortable, and excited to extend another year to my existence. She eases every anxiety and I celebrate becoming older. It’s an acknowledgement of ‘yay I did it’!

She is like a mother. Holding my hand through facing what I need to face. She is like a Grandmother. Just being there for me always.

I give Cerridwen much Gratefulness and Appreciation for where I am in my own self-identity and self-worth. I am my own best friend and I will always be. I don’t let myself down. I honour me. I praise me. With her encouragement and support my motto is “I’ve Got This’.

Much Love and Thanks to Cerridwen. Always.


Cerridwen is from the Irish/Celtic culture. Incredibly powerful in magick.
Known as the ‘keeper of the cauldron’.


Colors: Black, Silver, Purple
Herbs: Vervain, Vanilla, Bergamot
Crystals: Jet, Carnelian, Amethyst
Element: Fire

Call upon Cerridwen.

Works with individuals who are going through shedding of skin and growth of new. Transforming through cycles such as chrysalis. End of one stage and beginning of another. She is nurturing and supporting in enabling one to find their own unique way in the world. From one stage of life to another. Truth. Gives tests and trials to earn what it is you seek. Tough love. Do not be afraid of endings. They come round with new beginnings which will be more positive than the energy which dwindled behind. To survive the winter you need to first build a stable shelter. Relentless energy and focus required to achieve every goal.

Through working with Cerridwen you will find your views, your path, and your spirituality.

– Crone stage of the Triple Goddess
– Irish/Celtic culture
– Yule Sabbat
– Incredibly powerful in magick
– Known as the ‘keeper of the cauldron’
– Transformation
– Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge
– Black Raven
– Astral Travel
– Full Moon
– Compassion
– Adapt to changing circumstances
– Inspiration
– Dedication
– Prophecy
– Divination
– Flexibility
– Resourceful
– Determination
– Powerful
– Teacher of Alchemy
– Clarity, Creation, Creativity
– Enchantment and Enlightenment
– Energy, Vitality, Well-Being
– Death and Ending of one stage and Rebirth and Beginning of another stage


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