Las Vegas NV, USA

We left our little pond and oasis just outside of Beatty and traveled South once more. Destination? Las Vegas.

We decided beforehand to find an RV Park to stay in while in Las Vegas. Since the horrific mass shooting which happened on the Strip, it was next to impossible to find a free place to park the 5th wheel so we could unhitch and venture around. We stayed at the KOA RV Park at Sam’s Town. It turned out to be quite the perfect spot! We were able to walk to the centre plus there was a WalMart directly across the street for groceries, which we were running low on. Also, they had hot very clean showers and laundry! That chore was definitely required. It turned out to be quite an inexpensive place to stay.

My Las Vegas and your Las Vegas are probably completely different.

I enjoy the glitz, glamour, and nightlife of Las Vegas. I really do. Just in small doses. My idea of Las Vegas is to tour the surrounding environment and marvel in its adoration. Think about it. This playground for 24 hour life and the ‘city that never sleeps’. Literally out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the desert. With no immediate water resources. What was there before? The part which was there long before the neon lights is the part of Las Vegas which I love to explore.

City of neon lights. Can you imagine that power bill? Practically open 24 hours 24/7. So much to see and do. Oh, the wonders of wandering around!

We spent much of our time here doing domestic chores. Showers. Thorough cleaning of our home. Organizing of cupboards and spaces. Laundry. That was by far needed. This was a great little haven just North of everywhere.

We did actually spend some time admiring the area. One night taking in the sights, smells, tastes of Fremont Street. I LOVE the open air feel. Free music and of course the people. Yes, only in Vegas. In addition, we spent one evening on The Strip. I forced Wayne to come with me to see the Caesar Forum Shops. It’s fun to peruse around and gander at the materialistic things that I would never want and would never be able to afford. It’s just the fun of pomp and circumstance.

The BEST part of this stop in Las Vegas was the honour to meet one of Wayne’s friends, Daniel. What an adorable man! We met up for dinner and I have to say I did not want to leave this man’s company. Thank you Daniel for being my friend. I appreciate you.

Las Vegas was definitely Exhilarating to say the least. To visit just for a little while.


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