Calgary AB, Canada

Left Knutsford to begin the on the road journey of our adventure. No more cold and snowy days for us. On the road we went, me following Wayne, me driving Betty the Xterra. The roads outside of Calgary were treacherous and the new truck and trailer, driven by Wayne, took one stint of a number of slides. Wayne managed to hold everything together. We stayed in Calgary with our amazing friends Surya Krishna and Kyle. First we stayed in the driveway in our trailer but bylaw ticketed us for sticking out into the sidewalk. It was terribly bitter cold at -18 so we discussed moving into the house with Surya and Kyle. It was much more comfortable. We were in Calgary until Wayne’s SUV Betty sold. She was bought by a young man and she became his first vehicle. She was sold in the morning and we literally left the same day. Thank You for Everything Surya and Kyle you are both the best friends a woman could ever have.



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