Beatty NV, USA

Left Tonopah and decided that it was time to take a few days break from driving. We had been running and gunning since leaving Calgary and it was time to find an area to just breathe. We perused a free campsite website and found a gorgeous area just outside of Beatty Nevada. Just off Vanderbuilt Road as you leave the town. Cottonwood trees, a lovely bluff to park on, low ridges round for hiking. Not only that, a pond with ducks and coots! Lua also decided to help himself to a swim in the pond without asking Mom and Dad if it was okay. Each day we gave him the time to swim. Also, he chased jackrabbits there. Up the mountains, over the hills, going as fast as he could. Lua was a very happy dog at the pond at Vanderbuilt Road. We hiked. All the way to the top. Beautiful breezes. Being chased by three ducks. Here’s a tip about Beatty tho. There is nowhere to purchase fresh meat, fresh vegetables or fruit. There are no grocery stores. The closes place for groceries is Las Vegas … 1.5 hours away. Also in the area of Beatty is the town of Rhyolite Nevada. It was a happening town back in the days of the gold rush but now it is a ghost town. At the visitor’s center/free museum are sculptures of ‘The Last Supper’ depicted in ghosts. It is a lovely site. Full of magic. For the first time ever I was honored to be Wayne’s photography muse. His model. The pictures he took of me are phenomenal. I am wearing my blue witch cape and my kitchy black high heel boots. They are the best! It was an amazing evening spent there. Pictures I will treasure always. Our time of rest and relax in Beatty was definitely an experience we needed.



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