Knutsford BC, Canada

After six months comfortably isolated within the forest and wilderness nestled 45 minutes from the nearest town, it felt pretty odd to relocate. Our new yard at Knutsford RV Park came with full hookup!  By hookup I mean the works.  Power, water, AND sewer!  To me this was total and complete luxury!  To turn on a tap and have water flow out may be customary to some, but to me it was a gift. Without having water coming in via this type of source meant a blue 7 gallon aqua-container being filled a few times a week and/or the freshwater tank utilized and having to turn on the water pump first every time. Yes, these hookups were a total delight. In addition, our yard had a picnic table and a fire pit.

My Favourite part of the yard was the weeping willow tree located right at the back.  Willow trees are incredibly special to the magickal realm.  They have properties which avert evil, attract love, promote healing, give protection, and great for gaining balance. They assist women in their cycle aspects. This tree has a healing aura which blesses all that it touches, and anyone which it touches.  Tree of Enhancement. Healing Tree. Harmony Tree. It will give a person a sense of ‘sit underneath me because it is time for you to take it easy and relax’.  It is connected to the moon and New Moon Magick. Inspiring. Connecting. Inspires writing. Brings shallowness to deep emotions. Rhythms of circle and cycle. Reminds us to take control of our destiny. Enhances psychic ability. Best tree to create Lunar Wands from for Lunar Rituals. Steeping bark from this tree makes a healing tea which opens up the third eye chakra and aids in curing any type of headaches. I asked this tree for permission to collect some of it’s leaves and pieces of it’s bark, and the tree said I could. So I did.  The Goddesses associated with the willow tree are Cerridwen, Hecate, and Selene.

The craziest part about our new location was Wayne’s commute to work.  Instead of 45 minutes, it became 7 minutes.  ‘Operation Sleeping In’ happened.

Instead of being able to rest and relax after working two jobs prior, I felt the need to work. Since we now lived so close to town, why not? I ended up going full circle. When I first moved to Kamloops, I had a job within 24 hours.  Now with living in Kamloops coming to a close, I decided to go back to work at the same place.  Golden Buddha downtown. A lovely amazing store filled with metaphysical treasures.  I conducted card readings and angel messages for clients. The staff became family. I had a beginning there, and an end. It was very difficult saying ‘see you later’ to everyone.

The area of the RV park was amazing!  It was built at the bottom of a coulee. From the highway above it wasn’t visible at all. There was a large spacious open space for Lua to run around, and retrieve the ball.  Rich in wildlife – deer and a large variety of birds. The chatter of the birds was non-stop.

A lovely place to live if only for a little while.

Alas, our time there came to a close. It was time to relocate once again.





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